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My Story

As a young 20-something and the sounds of my father a constant ringing in my ears...”you never get rich working for a boss” /  “money makes money”. Along with a real go-get attitude and strong work ethic instilled into me from an early age. I set about working hard and saving equally as hard. All the while finding real passion to develop the quintessential method of success, a skill-set. 

Fast forward to the Year 2000 (age 29), now with all the tools and finances in place. I set about proving my worth to my own self. As should any strategist worth their salt. Taking $15k of my own hard earned savings and investing it in an area of what is now elite expertise. From years of developing my all important skill-set. Within 3 short years, I had turned my $15k investment into $128k and my Lucrative Niche Low-Risk Recession Proof Investment Strategy had been born.

There have been many memorable results for clients along the way. Dan B readily springs to mind, taking his $15k investment and turning it into $300k and netting him a profit of $285k in 3 short years. Along with current client Clarice L who invested $45k and currently sits on $334k after 3 short years. The projection for Clarice L, is to see this reach over $600k in the not too distant future. 

When you steer clear of traditional means of investing. Which let’s face it is purely designed to sell generation after generation the dream of hopefully developing wealth by the end of a lifetime. My Lucrative Niche Low-Risk Investment Strategy. Has the potential to deliver clients real-time wealth. My strategy is proven over decades to work. I’m that confident in my skill-set. I work off no-fees, all commission on performance based. The old cliche “you do well, I do well”. Such is my prowess I have many high profile supporters. From billionaires, business and sporting identities  to supermodels.

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My Services

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.


Wealth Creation and Management



Lucrative niche low-risk investment strategy that returns investors 16.42% p.a. Some investors have knocked that % out of the ball park!

  • no fees all commission on performance based.

  • never handle your investment. It stays in your hands at all times.

Want to learn more about my services? Get in touch today and see what I can offer you.

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What people say...

“Great partnering up...we both did very well from it. Thanks!”

Dan B (Australia)

“What an exhilarating and exciting experience to watch it all proceed. Darren really does have something very special and niche here. I highly recommend him to anyone.”

Clarice L (Hong Kong)

“Thanks to Darren, I’m set for the next 20 years. He really knows his stuff.”

Scott J (Australia)

“Met Darren through a friend and thanks for the opportunity to get involved. What a ride!”

Dale R (Australia)

“Darren, you are so talented at what you do, thanks!”

Wendy G (China)

“So pleased it was a success for the both of us!”

David F (United Kingdom)

“I am so glad now that we listened to you! All the best”

Jason B (Australia)

“Darren was very confident he could deliver great results and he certainly did for us”

Sue L (United Kingdom)

“The best result I’ve ever had!”

Dennis M (Australia)

“It was your foresight, that lead to such a great result. Well done and thank you!”

Damian M (Australia) 

“Thanks for the good advice Darren”

Scott M (Australia)

“You delivered multiple A-Grade results for me. I appreciate your efforts”

Richard K (United States)

“Your advice is looking very promising to deliver massive results. Thanks!”

Pete J (United Kingdom)

“Your advice was spot on! Many thanks”
And again,
“Darren you’re a star. I’m very grateful for everything you’ve done! Cheers”

Paul C (United Kingdom)

“A shout out to let you know you were spot on! I’m all ears, looking forward to your next suggestion”

Jo F (United Kingdom)

“Having lost an entire $60K of investment with others. Haven’t looked back since meeting Darren through a mutual acquaintance. With my investment booming and growing rapidly.”

Tony M (United Kingdom)

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